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1. Finlitteratur vs. triviallitteratur

    af: The Lift
    Anonymous: I'm having fun
    Anonymous: Some Day My Prince Will Comenov
    Somerset Maugham:  The Colonel's Lady
    Video Tales of the unexpected: The Colonel's Lady
    Fra: Marianne Holmen m. fl.Another Englandart
    Unsullied, Unspoilt...

    Shakespeare: Sonnet 130
    William Alexander, Earl of Stirling: I Swear, Aurora
    Microsoft: Encarta98 Encyclopedia:
    Fra: Alice In Wonderland: Tweedledee and Tweedledum

2. Technical texts

    The Sunday Times - 25 Sept. 1994
    Sean Ryan & Anabel Heseltine
    The Prehistory Man

    L.Kierkegaard m.fl.High Tech. High Risc or High Hope. Systime, 1987
    Rob Scott: Genetic Engineering
    Time 1984: Selective Breeding
    Aric Press: Troubling Test-Tube Legacy
    Brændpunkt: Om genteknologi (video)
    The Sunday Mirror, Feb. 18, 1990
    Medical editor:  Tomorrow's Child

    L.Kierkegaard m.fl.High Tech. High Hope or High Risk. Systime, 1987
    Isac Asimov: True Love
    Ray Bradbury:  The Veldt
    Brian Aldiss:  Supertoys Last All Summer
    Isaac Asimov:  The Segregationist

Blandede noveller

    af:  Breaking Away, Longmans
    David Campton: Alison
    Brian Frial: Winners

    Adrian Mitchell:
    Man Friday   (værk)

2u 2001 - 02

3. Lydighedens dilemma

    D. Mercer: In two minds  Værk

    Video: Family Life

    fra N.Y. Academy of Science, Apr. 4, 1964  (fotokopi)
    A Study of Obedience
    video: Dansk version af Milgrameksperimentet

    Fra: Psychology Today, April 1975
    Thomas Moriarty: A Nation of Willing Victims

    Theodore Dalrymple
    Just do as your pilot tells you

4. Historisk læsning (massekommunikation)

    Jack the Ripper:

    The London Times, August 10, 1888
    The Weekly Herald, November 16, 1888
    The Star,  August 31, 1888
    The Weekly Herald, August 17, 1888
    The London Times, September 1, 1888
    The Weekly Herald, September 14, 1888

    Herunder arbejdet med avisgenrerne.



    Af Edgar Lee Masters: Spoon River Anthology, I, Collier Books, NY. 1968
       Louise Smith, Herbert Marshall
       Tom Merritt, Mrs. Merritt, Elmer Karr
       Mary McNeely, Daniel M'Cumber, Georgine Sand Miner


    J.G.Ballard: Running Wild

    af: Huxley: Brave New World, ch. 2 + 16 + 17

Blandede tekster

    Af: Children Our Future:
         Frank O’Connor: My Oedipus Complex

    Af: The Entrance:
         Sinead de Valeria: The Spoiled Child.

    Af: Identies:
         André Brink: A Dry White Season, s. 8-22

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